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We want you to use our product responsibly; so please read the following safety warning points:
  • Inspect bottle before use, DO NOT use if damaged in any way. If in doubt, please contact Airshot ltd. directly.
  • The Airshot product is for inflation of bicycle tyres only.
  • Do not use with damaged tyres/wheels.
  • Only charge the AIRSHOT bottle with a bicycle/track pump.
    • NEVER use a compressor.
  • DO NOT exceed a pressure of 160psi (11 bar) in the bottle.
  • DO NOT release Airshot’s pressurised air at your or others eyes or face.
  • Ensure pump head is attached securely to your bike’s valve before opening the "Air Valve".
  • Protect from direct sunlight, DO NOT expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.
  • DO NOT pierce or burn, even after use.
  • DO NOT dismantle if bottle is pressurised.
  • Store with "Air Valve" open.
  • When not in use, store with release tap open.
  • Transport with care so as not to damage the product in anyway.
  • Use ONLY as directed in the instructions.