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Why go Tubeless

It is now accepted that tubeless tyres offer much better performance than running inner tubes. There are several reasons for this, you are much less likely to get a pinch-puncture and they are pretty much thorn resistant. Tubeless setups reduce rotating weight and you can run much lower pressures and still keep a relatively good rolling speed. Sounds good? Follow the steps below to setup tubeless with ease.

Tubeless setup

Follow these 12 step-by-step instructions to get started with running tubeless on your bike

  1. The rim must be taped so that air does not leak out of the spoke eyelets.
  2. Clean the rim thoroughly giving the tape the best chance of sticking to the rim and creating an air tight seal.
  3. Rims vary in width so it’s a good idea to purchase tape of a similar width as your rim.
  4. Ensure tape is pulled taught when wrapped around the rim leaving a smooth taped surface; overlapping the tape by 6 inches or so is advised.
  5. Pierce a hole in the tape in-line with the hole in the rim.
  6. Push your tubeless specific valve through the hole and tighten the lock nut.
  7. Seat your tyre on only one side, as you would if you were fitting a tube.
  8. Add some sealant, usually around 50 ml is sufficient, but it can depend on tyre size.
  9. Mount the other side of the tyre, ensuring the valve is pointing upwards from the floor.
  10. Attach the Airshot tubeless inflator to the valve and follow the instructions in the Airshot box for trouble free tubeless inflation
  11. Once mounted, it’s a good idea to give the wheel a shake and rotate it, so that the sealant covers the inside of the tyre, helping to stop any potential leaks.
  12. Job done! Tubeless inflation made easy! tubeless setup complete!

Tubeless Inflation